Raw Amethyst Cocktail Ring


This ring symbolizes

+ Fresh flowers 

+ Twilight sunsets

Gemstone Properties

Amethyst is often worn by healers. 

+ Amethyst holds the properties as a gemstone to focus energy.


+ Semi-Precious Raw Amethyst (Rough cut)

+ 22 Gauge Gold Plated Non-Tarnish Brass Wire (Also available in Silver or Rose Gold)

Please be sure to indicate your desired ring size(s) & wire choice(s) as all of our pieces are made-to-order. Each piece is as beautiful & unique as you are!

To preserve the lustre of your West Coast inspired jewelry, avoid wearing in the shower or immersing in water for extended period of time. As metal ages, oxidation may occur. Your gem can be polished to renew its original sparkle & brighten its intention. Use a small amount of silver polish & a soft toothbrush. Rise with warm water & soap afterwards.

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